Apple Launches New iPod Touch and iPod Nano Devices

Posted Sep 1, 2010

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has announced a new line of iPods today. We are going to focus on the new iPod Touch first and then we’ll talk about the new iPod Nano.

The new iPod Touch has a Retina screen and dual camera. The new screen is the same as the iPhone 4 (960×640 and 3.5″). The rear camera on the new iPod Touch records in 720p and takes pictures at 960×720.

The new iPod Touch runs on an A4 processor and sells up to 64GB in space. There is also a gyroscope, accelerometer, and microphone built in to the new iPod Touch. And most important, FaceTime will also work on the new iPod Touch as well. The only downside to the device is the lack of a 3G connection and GPS.

Below is the cost of the new iPod Touch devices:

8GB is $229
32GB is $299
64GB is $399

The new iPod Nano is the 6th generation. The clickwheel has been removed from the Nano and now there is a touchscreen interface. The new iPod Nano is about 46% smaller and 42% lighter. There are hard volume buttons on the side and the device is in square form. The battery life lasts 24 hours. Below are the price points. The device is available for pre-order starting today.

8GB for $149
16GB for $179