Apple launches new programming language for iOS, Mac: Swift

Posted Jun 2, 2014

Apple has announced a new programming language called Swift. Swift will be used for designing apps to run on Apple iOS and Mac OS X. Swift makes it possible to eliminate entire categories of common programming errors. Swift includes generics, closures, type inference, multiple return types, and operator overload capabilities. Apps built for the App Store are built using Objective-C and the Cocoa framework. Objective-C was created in 1980s and was used by Apple ever since Steve Jobs’ NeXT workstation company was acquired in 1996.

Objective-C is based on the C programming language. Swift code even runs faster than Python and just as quickly as Objective C in many case. Swift may be easier to learn, but it will still take developers time to switch away from Objective-C after using it for so many years. Swift code can be deployed on the same run-time as Object-C and will use the same memory management module to make the transition easier. Swift can also use Objective-C?s Cocoa libraries. 

Xcode IDE will be updated to include a service called Playground, which lets developers review code output as it is typed in.  Apple is releasing a free e-book on iBooks with tutorials of the language syntax today.