Apple (AAPL) Releases Logic Pro X On The App Store For $199

Posted Jul 16, 2013

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has released a new version of their professional music software called Logic Pro X at a cost of $199.  You can download Logic Pro X on the Apple App Store.  Logic Pro X looks similar to Final Cut Pro.  Logic Pro X is the successor to Logic Pro 9.  Unfortunately, existing Logic Pro owners will not get a free or a reduced price upgrade.

One of the newest features in Logic Pro X is a feature called “Drummer.”  Drummer has a drum samples and playing styles that makes drum loops sound less like a loop and sound more like an actual musician.  There are also more amplifier and cabinet settings available for bass guitar tracks along with new Smart Controls that turns manual settings into a series of dials.

Apple launched a companion app for Logic Pro X called Logic Remote.  Logic Remote lets you make adjustments and play instruments on your iPad if your other instruments are elsewhere.

Along with releasing a new version of Logic Pro X, Apple also launched MainStage 3.  MainStage a live music oriented software application that complements Logic Pro.  MainStage 3 costs $29.99.