Apple Loses iPhone Name Battle In Mexico

Posted Nov 2, 2012

Even though Apple resolved the iPad trademark issue in China, the company is struggling to solve an iPhone trademark issue in Mexico.  A court in Mexico has denied an injunction that would allow Apple to continue to sell the iPhone brand because it violates a trademark for iFone, which is a Mexican telecommunications company.

It would also affect the marketing and sales plans of several wireless service providers in the country that was planning to sell the iPhone 5 to customers this weekend.  The iFone trademark was filed in Mexico in 2003, which is four years before Apple filed the trademark for the iPhone.

Apple tried to sue iFone in 2009 in order to try and invalidate the company’s name for being too similar to the iPhone.  iFone countersued Apple as a result.

Now Apple wmay lose the ability to see iPhones in Mexico and iFone is suing them for damages and past infringement.  iFone is demanding 40% of all iPhone sales to date in Mexico.

Stay tuned to Pulse2 to find out what happens in the future regarding this case.