Apple Mac Pro Gets A Slick New Design, To Be Assembled In America

Posted Jun 10, 2013

At WWDC 2012, Apple’s Phil Schiller showed a presentation showcasing the new Mac Pro and he said “Can’t innovate anymore, my ass.”  The new Apple Mac Pro has a sleek new design as it appears to be a shiny black tube with all of the ports in the back.  The new Mac Pro is powered by Intel Xeon with up to 12 core configs.  There is a central thermal core and very fast memory support.  The new Mac Pro has double the performance of previous Mac Pros.

The new Mac Pro can support 20Gbps Thunderbolt 2 ports.  There are two GPUS graphics cards with 4K display support.  It is a lot smaller than the original Mac Pro and will clear up a lot of space on your floor or desk.  The new Mac Pro can support a gigabit Ethernet, HDMI out, and USB 3.0.

The new line of Mac Pros will be assembled in Apple’s new Texas plant.  It will be available later this year.  The pricing and launch date is unknown.