New Apple Store In Madrid Is Being Built On Spanish Ruins From The 15 Century

Posted Jul 12, 2013

There is a new Apple retail store being built in Madrid, Spain.  What makes this store unique is that it is being built on top of 15 century hospital ruins, according to The Verge.  As the basement of the store was being built, workers discovered walls that belonged to the foundations of an old hospital.  The walls were part of the Buen Suceso hospital, which was located next to a church with the same name.  That hospital and the church was torn down in 1854.

The church ruins were found in 2009 when a light rail station was built there.  The church ruins are now on display under a glass mezzanine in the station, but the hospital will not have any of it’s remains put on display.  Jaime Ignacio Muñoz, the director of the Madrid heritage department, said that project managers almost considered putting those ruins behind glass panels also, but decided not to because of a lack of great interest visually since it was just the foundation.

The Apple store floor will be built about the ruins.  The ruins will be protected and the city asked Apple to outline the ruins on the store floor so that they will now where the structure is located.  The Madrid store will be opened this Christmas.