Apple Creates A “Making a Difference, One App at a Time” Campaign [Video]

Posted Jun 13, 2013

Apple has created a video that highlights the impact of their application ecosystem.  The 10-minute long video is called “Making a difference. One app at a time.”

This video focuses on how Apple customers are using their apps to make an impact around the world.  The video starts with an interview of Okari Denzil, a health nurse in Lwala, Kenya.

Denzil talked about how Kenya is his home and has a goal to ensure that there is healthcare available to the rural setting.  Denzil sees around 5-6 patients per day and talks to mothers that need prenatal care and is ready to deliver.

Applications featured in the video includes Skyscape, Galileo, Cherokee Language App, and Proloquo2go.

Check out the video below: