Apple Modifies Nano-SIM Design, Voting Underway For New Standard

Posted May 9, 2012

[Image Credit: The Verge]
In late March, we wrote about how Apple’s nano-SIM would be royalty free if the ETSI approved of their design as the standard. The Verge spoke to Giesecke & Devrient at CTIA about the progress on the creation of the 4FF standard (nano-SIM). Apple is battling against Nokia for creating the standard. Giesecke & Devrient showcased Apple’s design at CTIA, but the prototypes of Nokia’s design was not at their booth. The vote on the 4FF standard had been delayed back in March and voting is now underway. Apple’s design had been modified by adding a small amount of plastic around the edges of the electrical contacts, making the new nano-SIM long enough so that it can’t be forced lengthwise into an incompatible socket.