Apple News Roundup: Retina, the Secret Service, Swype and More

Posted Jul 8, 2011

From rampant rumors of the future iPhones and iPads to a Swype hack and calling in the Secret Service, Apple has been dealing with a lot of unusual news this week. See a quick rundown of all the stories after the jump.

The rumored iPad HD might have a “Retina” display. [Ars Technica]

Apple set the Secret Service on New York artist Kyle McDonald for putting an expression photographing program on computers in New York Apple Stores. The photos were uploaded to the People Staring at Computers project. McDonald’s electronics were confiscated. [Mashable]

Apple Stores are planning “overnights” for July 13th. Overnights are staff events to set up new store displays and train staff on new products. There is speculation that this overnight will be related to the release of OS X Lion, which is scheduled for July 14th. [9to5Mac]

Andrew Liu has released a hack that allows users to type with Swype technology on iPhones. The code is fairly basic and doesn’t have all of the features that come with Android’s Swype system, and only works on jailbroken iPhones. [MobileCrunch]

The next iPhone: will it be the iPhone 4s, or the iPhone 5? Will we see it in August or September? What will it look like, what about the hardware? All speculations are covered in Engadget’s rumor roundup. [Engadget]