Apple Now Tracking 800,000 Workers At Factories In China To Ensure Fair Labor Practices

Posted Sep 29, 2012

Apple updated their Labor and Human Rights website to list the efforts that they have made to help drop the excessive and a long number of hours in the work weeks for employees in their supplier factories like Foxconn.  Apple is now tracking over 800,000 workers, which is up from 700,000 in July to gather their data and to make sure that compliance was sustained in August.  Apple said that workers may not work more than 60 hours per week.  Below is what Apple wrote:

Going deep into our supply chain, we are now tracking weekly supplier data for over 800,000 workers. In August, 97 percent of worker weeks were reported as compliant with the 60-hour maximum work week specified in our code, sustaining the 97 percent that was reported in July.

Apple joined the Fair Labor Association in January.  They signed an agreement to let the FLA assess the quality of their supply chain.  In August the FLA pointed out that 284 items on their recommended changes list has been complied.  But around 76 items are remaining.