Apple Patents Echolocation and Text-To-Speech Voice

Posted Oct 21, 2012

Apple has received a patent for sonar-style echolocation for passive proximity detection and a text-to-speech engine.  The text-to-speech engine gives a personality to the computer-generated voices that it uses.

The first patent is called “Voice assignment for text-to-speech output” and it can alter text-to-speech (TTS) profiles based on metadata from content that is found on a user’s phone or device.  For example, if it is reading an e-mail from a contact that is in the U.K. and is a 25-year-old male, then the voice would be a man with a British accent.  The patent would use recorded audio from a database off-site so that the e-mail sounds natural.

The other patent application is a sound-based echolocation system that lets a device determine its distance from other objects.  The mic on the phone would be able to take in ambient sound and determine the relative position.

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