Apple Forces Pop Kickstarter Project To Shut Down

Posted Dec 21, 2012

POrtable Power Station (Pop) is a Kickstarter project that would allow buyers to charge multiple devices from one charging station.  Pop is going to shut down because Apple will not let them use the Lightning charger according to Wired.

Pop said that Apple would not let them use the Lightning charger in the same device as a USB charger or the 30-pin charger for older iPhones and iPads.  Pop even went as far as being able to raise over $139,000 on Kickstarter.  Pop will be returning the money to their backers.  The company will even end up taking a loss of around $11,000 because of credit card fees and the 5% from Kickstarter.

The company behind the project is known as Edison Junior.  After Edison returns the money to Kickstarter money, it will be considered the largest Kickstarter-crowdfunded refund to date.