A Lot Of People Are Naming Their Babies After Apple Products

Posted Dec 3, 2012

According to BabyCenter’s annual report, the number of babies that are named after Apple products has increased including Apple, Siri, and Mac.  For example, the name Siri has risen 5% in popularity.  The name Apple jumped around 585 places up BabyCenter’s chart this year.

“The smart phone may just be the best parenting tool since diapers, and some moms and dads are paying homage to industry leader Apple in their choice of baby names,” stated BabyCenter’s global editor in chief Linda Murray.  “The moniker Apple, though still an unusual choice, rose 15% for girls, vaulting a whopping 585 spots.”

The name Mac jumped 12% and parents also like the sound of Siri.  Space-themed names also went up in popularity.  Names like Sky, Star, Luna, Skylar, Heaven, Stella, and Mars all increase in the last year.

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