Apple Rejected Sony’s Reader iPhone App Because They Don’t Use In App Purchase For Selling Content

Posted Feb 1, 2011

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has rejected the Sony Reader iPhone application from the App Store. The New York Times said that this is Apple’s way of “further tightening its control of the App Store.” Apple responded by saying that their guidelines states:

11.2 Apps utilizing a system other than the In App Purchase API (IAP) to purchase content, functionality, or services in an app will be rejected
11.3 Apps using IAP to purchase physical goods or goods and services used outside of the application will be rejected

?We have not changed our developer terms or guidelines,? stated Apple spokesperson Trudy Muller in an interview with AllThingsD. ?We are now requiring that if an app offers customers the ability to purchase books outside of the app, that the same option is also available to customers from within the app with in-app purchase.?

That means that developers can sell books and other media through your own transaction system, but they must also sell the same products through in-app purchases. Apple takes a 30% cut of every transaction from in-app purchase.