Apple Releases iPhone 3.1 SDK Beta

Posted Jul 1, 2009

It has only been about a couple of weeks since the iPhone OS 3.0 was released and the new iPhone 3G S phone hit the shelves, but Apple is moving quickly in delivering new versions of their SDKs.  Last night the iPhone SDK 3.1 was released to developers. Developers have been reporting some of the immediate changes that were noticed.

The iPhone 3.1 SDK shows improvements in Voice Control functionality and it will work with Bluetooth.  The video editing capabilities on the 3G S will be improved since users will be able to save a copy of the original video before they start clipping.

Other improvements include vibration feedback when moving application icons and when moving pasted text to the dialer application.  The alphanumeric numbers will be converted to regular numbers when pasted into the dialer application too.  For example, copying 1-800-GOOG-411 will be pasted to 1-800-466-4411.

[via PCW]