Apple removes Blockchain’s Bitcoin app

Posted Feb 6, 2014

Apple has removed a Bitcoin-related app from the Apple App Store. The app, Blockchain, was considered the most popular Bitcoin wallet in the App Store. Apple did not give a specific reason for the removal.

The Blockchain app was used by around 120,000 people for sending and receiving Bitcoin. Blockchain users can still run the app through their iPhones and Macs if they have it downloaded, but they can no longer receive updates. Apple sent Blockchain an e-mail saying that the app was removed for an “unresolved issue.”

Before this app was removed, it was the only Bitcoin wallet app that was available for Apple users. Another Bitcoin-related app that was removed from the Apple App Store was Coinbase. Blockchain released their app in April 2012 and it was removed and re-accepted between then and now.

There is speculation that Apple is removing Bitcoin wallets either because of the international regulations and controversies surrounding the currency and because Apple may be considering a mobile payment service of their own. Google is not regulating Bitcoin on the Android platform.

[Source: Wired]