Apple Removing Around 32 Games From Retail Stores

Posted Mar 8, 2011

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is going to start removing boxed software and hardware peripherals from retail stores in order to make room for other products. The Apple retail stores will be tailored towards customers that want to buy a Mac.

If a customer walks in and express interests in buying a Mac, an Apple store employee will sit down with them and help them set up an iTune account and an e-mail account. Apple needs the additional space for customers.

Of course Apple would not clear out retail space by removing iPhone, iPad, and iPods so it only makes sense to remove products from third parties. If you are one of the developers that sell boxed software at the Apple store, I suppose there is always the ability to sell the products on the Mac App Store.

Apple will mot likely be removing scanners, printers, and some hard drives from the stores. The products will still be stocked in the store if a customer requests them. The Apple store employees will recommend the third party products if the customer needs are aligned with it.

Apple is getting rid of about 32 game titles from store, leaving about 8 available.

[Loop Insight]