Apple Retail Stores Running Out Of 3GS Phones

Posted Jun 29, 2009

When the iPhone 3GS phone launched about a week ago, over one million units were sold in the opening weekend.  At one point, the iPhone 3GS was sold out in Apple retail stores across 44 of the U.S. states.  When the device starts to sell out, Apple places a widget on their website.  This same widget appeared on Apple’s website when the iPhone 3G started selling.

This year the widget is directly connected to Apple’s point-of-sale computers which updates the inventory availability once every hour, giving the widget higher accuracy.  The white 16GB iPhone 3GS appears to be the most popular.  In Apple’s 45 stores across California, about 28 of the stores are currently out of the white 16GB iPhone 3GS phones.  The sales of the 3GS in the opening weekend was supposedly the biggest Apple has seen.  It took 74 days to sell one million first generation iPhone devices when it launched a few years ago.  And it took less than three days to reach over one million 3G S sales.

This news arrives at a time when Apple is spreading the message that Steve Jobs is back at work.  A few months ago, the Apple CEO underwent a liver transplant in Tennessee.