Apple Reveals Details About Building The iPhone

Posted Aug 5, 2012

Apple has been forced to disclose some of the company details by the court during the lawsuits between Apple and Samsung.  In court, Apple revealed Steve Jobs’ stance on a 7-inch iPad and what the development of the iPhone was like.  Both Samsung and Apple are fighting in court over patents and design ideas.  Samsung lawyers said that Apple cannot have a “monopoly on a rectangle.”

?Customers can get confused about whose product is whose,? said Apple SVP Phil Schiller.

In the Wall Street Journal, it was revealed that Apple’s head of iTunes Eddy Cue advocated the design of a smaller iPad.  In an e-mail to Tim Cook and Scott Forstall, Cue wrote ?I believe there will be a 7? market and we should do one. I expressed this to (CEO) Steve (Jobs) several times since Thanksgiving and he seemed very receptive the last time.?

Another interesting tidbit of information that was revealed during the court case was the development of the iPhone was referred to as “Project Purple.”  Apple’s rules around the development of the phone was that Jobs had forbid anyone to be hired from outside the company to work on the development.  He wanted to hire “superstars” from within.  Forstall also could not share what the internal hires were working on, but told them that they would have to give up many weeknights and weekends.

One of the floors was locked down at an Apple building.  There were cameras and keycards in place to keep the area a secret.  The room was nicknamed “purple dorm” because of the codename of the project and above the door was a “Fight Club” poster.  If you have seen the film, you would know that rule number 1 about the fight club is that you do not talk about it.