Apple Reverses $625.5 Million Patent Judgement Against Mirror Worlds

Posted Apr 6, 2011

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has emerged victorious in lawsuit filed against them by Mirror Worlds. Mirror Worlds is a company that was founded by Yale professor Dave Gelertner, who claims to have a patent on Cover Flow.

?Mirror Worlds may have painted an appealing picture for the jury, but it failed to lay a solid foundation sufficient to support important elements it was required to establish under the law,? stated U.S. District Judge Leonard Davis. Apple said that Cover Flow was created by Andrew Coulter Enright and Mac developer Jonathan del Strother. Steve Jobs acquired the technology in 2006 and integrated the functionality into all versions of iTunes since version 7.

Gelertner filed for software patents in 1999 that covers streams of documents that is sorted by time. Gelertner said that Apple’s Cover Flow feature, Time Machine, and Spotlight features infringes upon his patents. Gelertner wanted $208.5 million per feature as a penalty, adding up to $625.5 million.

Apple appealed the penalty imposed on them claiming that they are being forced to pay for one patent violation three times over. Apple ended up winning the entire case without any penalties as the judge threw out the entire case.

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