Apple: Saddened And Upset By The Recent Suicides at Foxconn

Posted May 26, 2010

Apple has sent out a public statement about the worker suicides that are happening at Chinese iPod and iPhone manufacturing plant Foxconn. Foxconn is a subsidiary of Hon Hai Precision Industry. HP, Dell, and other tech companies also has work done by Foxconn.

?We’re in direct contact with Foxconn senior management and we believe they are taking this matter very seriously. A team from Apple is independently evaluating the steps they are taking to address these tragic events and we will continue our ongoing inspections of the facilities where our products are made.” Apple is “saddened and upset by the recent suicides at Foxconn,” stated Apple spokesman Steve Dowling.

As part of an experiment about why workers were committing suicide there, Chinese newspaper company Southern Weekly sent in a 20 year old reporter undercover to learn more about the working conditions. It was just as expected: low pay, repetitive jobs, impersonal dormitories, long hours. About 400,000 people work at the Chinese plant. [9to5Mac]