The next Apple and Samsung patent battle will involve the iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, Galaxy Note II, etc.

Posted Feb 5, 2014

Apple and Samsung are going to battle in court again starting March 31st. Each of them started with five patents to battle against each other with, but now Samsung has four because a multimedia sync patent was thrown out by Judge Lucy Koh. Judge Koh also gave Apple a summary judgement win for their auto-complete patent. This puts Apple ahead of Samsung before the trial even started.

All of patents are related to user interaction and two of Samsung’s patents are standards-essential (FRAND) patents, according to Engadget. Generally FRAND patents need to be licensed out. The U.S. patent office agreed to look at the validity of Apple’s auto-complete patent again.

The devices that were named of allegedly infringing the models are older. But the historical sales of each device will affect the size of any award that is given by the court if an allegation is upheld. The devices that are being questioned in the court case includes the:
– Galaxy Note II
– Galaxy S III
– Galaxy Nexus
– Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
– iPhone 5
– iPhone 4s
– iPad 2
– iPad with Retina Display (3rd generation)
– iPad with Retina display (4th generation)
– iPad mini