Apple Says App Store May Be Getting Redesigned

Posted Jul 23, 2009

With over 65,000 apps in the App store, finding new and interesting apps is becoming increasingly difficult. Apple’s Tim Cook said there is room for improvement in the current store. He said that Apple is looking for new ways to categorize software in the App Store. He said that Apple has some ideas to improve the experience.

During the Apple earnings call, Cook also said that one of the issues of the App Store is that developers are not sure how to price their applications. And customers do not have enough information to tell whether an application is worth buying.

He said that the popularity of $0.99 cent apps has created a wasteland of mediocre applications.

“In some respects, the App Store has taken its place alongside YouTube, where poor taste is the defining metric, More ominously. it has led to a deterioration of the entire pricing structure for iPhone applications. The risk is that developers who hope to build quality applications that have a long shelf life may be discouraged from doing so because prospective development costs exceed the revenues they expect to earn on the applications. In short, this race to the bottom has the potential to degrade the overall equality of the applications sold at the App Store.”

The App Store is now 1 year old. Its popularity is a key driving factor in iPhone sales.