Apple Sells 90,000 iPhones In South Korea And Expects To Sell 700,000 in 2010

Posted Dec 14, 2009

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has sold a decent number of iPhone devices in South Korea. Korean telecommunications company KT claims that they have about 90,000 subscribers so far. The 90,000 subscribers include 53,000 pre-ordered phones. The iPhone started selling in South Korea around November 28. In South Korea, about 400,000 people use smartphones in total.

That number is growing at a faster pace. “Triggered by iPhones’ debut in South Korea, the market for smartphones offering e-mail and Web browsing is on a healthy track, giving us a need for more iPhones,” stated a KT representative. KT expects to sell about 700,000 iPhones in 2010. The population of South Korea is about 48.6 million.