Apple Sends Takedown Notices To Websites Selling iOS Beta

Posted Jul 9, 2012

Last month, wrote an article about businesses selling access to iOS developer betas before the new operating system is officially launched. Apple offers developer betas to registered iOS developers. The registration fee is $99 per year, but some of these developers are selling their 100 slots for users.

Behind the scenes, each service uses the same simple backdoor: Registered iOS developers can activate up to 100 unique device IDs (or UDIDs) for their account, an essential tool for testing apps on multiple devices. Once registered with Apple, the activated device is also able to run pre-release versions of iOS, though developers are forbidden from sharing pre-release software outside their own team.

Ignoring these warnings, activation services charge a small fee to add a customer?s device to their developer accounts. When they hit the 100-device limit, they just register a new account with Apple.

Selling iOS beta has been happening for a couple of years without Apple stepping in.  Supposedly Apple did not mind it until now.  The websites that were named in the Wired article are no longer online. exchanged e-mails with one of the website owners, who made $75,000 from iOS 6 Beta in June.