Apple Sends Wired A Takedown Notice For Netbook Hackintosh

Posted Jan 14, 2009

Gadget writer for Wired, Brian Chen put together a video on how to hack a netbook to run Mac OS X. It turns out Apple wasn’t too appreciative for this video. At first Brian thought Apple was planning on suing Wired, but it looks like they just received some sort of take-down notice. For the purpose of experimentation, Brian loaned his MSI Wind Hackintosh for Wired’s Giz Gallery.

The video gives a step by step guide on putting the Apple operating system on the netbook.  This includes surfing over to The Pirate Bay to get the Mac OS X software, installing a code to make the USB drive bootable, and opening the netbook using a screwdriver to swap the WiFi card.

Although the video has been removed from Wired, Gizmodo captured the video and archived it for us to see. Gizmodo pointed out that since Apple sent Wired a takedown notice and stirred up some controvers, more people will see it now.