Apple Store On Fifth Ave. In New York Earns $440 Million In Sales

Posted Jun 4, 2009

Fifth Avenue in New York is one of the most trendy and upscale shopping centers in New York.  According to last year’s Forbes rankings, Fifth Avenue was the most expensive street in the world.  That did not hinder the Apple retail store on Fifth Avenue from reporting astonishing sales figures: roughly $440 million per year.

One of the reasons why the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue may be doing better is that less people shop in the SoHo area.  The Apple retail store on Fifth Avenue is also open 24 hours per day.  Considering Apple’s revenue for last year and the dollar figure earned for this store, it comes out to roughly 1.4% of the total.  Not bad for one store.

Now there are rumors floating around that Apple plans to open more retail stores around New York.  One may open at the corner of 67th and Broadway.