Apple Suing Educational Institution Over Logo

Posted Oct 7, 2008

Really, Apple?  Really?  I was actually feeling bad for the company because their stock price is taking a hit.  The stock is taking a hit even after they beat analyst expectations.  Apple’s stock was trading at $160.18 about a month ago and now their stock is at around $93.04.  But for Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) to sue a school over the use of a logo that also has an apple is a new low. 

And this is no ordinary school.  This is a web design school that primarily uses Apple products. 

“It was a total shock,” stated Victoria School of Business and Technology Vice President Christopher Boag. “It was like the small guy was kind of getting blown away and Apple was pushing hard in order to get us to (submit to their demands).”

Boag and his partner Dieter Gerhard believe that the apple is the “traditional representation of education.”  I agree with them.  There is a reason why kids that suck up to teachers are called “apple-polishers.”  It’s not because they like to polish the teacher’s Mac with a clean rag.  Above is what the school’s logo looks like via AppleInsider.

Apple added that they would back out of the lawsuit if the school removes the apple from their logo and just uses the mountain.  The legal letter sent to the school was from Apple’s legal counsel in Toronto, Baker and McKenzie.

“It’s a matter of them trying to push over the little guy, to some degree,” added Boag. “They figure we’re going to roll over and play dead, but we want to be more vocal.”

What are your thoughts?  Does Apple have the right to justify a lawsuit based on the above logo that VSBT uses?  I think if there was actually a bite in the apple itself, then Apple would have the right to object.  Logos just sometimes look like each other coincidentally. (LDL) has an interesting comparison of logos that look alike.  Some of the examples LDL gives includes Wayback Machine & Google Blogoscoped, Beats by Dr. Dre & Anton Stankoswki, L.A. Lakes & L.A. Clippers, Applied Materials & Planned Parenthood, Sun Microsystems & Columbia Sportswear Company, and Carrier & Ford.