Apple Tablet Rumored To Ship In March And Could Sell 10 Million Units In First Year

Posted Jan 5, 2010

The Wall Street Journal has heard from a source that the Apple tablet will start shipping in March. The estimated number of how many tablets that will be sold in the first year is 10 million. The tablet will have a 10 or 11 inch screen. How will the device connect to the Internet? It is likely that it will connect through WiFi or 3G through a partnership with a telecommunications partner. The 10 million units sold in the first year estimation was provided by Lee Kai-fu, founding President of Google China.

Below are some of the other specifications that were predicted by Kai-fu:
– Looks like a bigger version of an iPhone
– Videoconference support
– Virtual keyboard
– Will cost less than $1,000
– Equipped with 3D graphics card