Apple To Reach Well Over 10 Million iPhones Manufactured By EOY 2008

Posted Oct 6, 2008

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has done it!  They wanted to sell 10 million iPhones by the end of 2008 and they are already close to reaching this goal.  And this is before the holiday season even started.  It is quite possible that analysts were conservative in their estimates out of fear of the current economic state, but now the company has a reason to celebrate.

This past August, an investor in London (with username Tommo_UK) posted a message on The Mac Observer Apple Finance Board.  The message was a request to have anyone that bought an iPhone post the serial number, date of purchase, and the first 13 numbers of the IMEI number.  From this data, Tommo_UK was able to predict how many iPhones were manufactured.  Since the initiative started, the Apple Finance Board collected 150 IMEI numbers and placed it on a Google Docs spreadsheet.  The last IMEI number that was collected was one that belonged to the 9,190,680th iPhone 3G built. 

With this many already built, Apple is well on their way to manufacturing 10 million iPhones before the end of this month.  Selling is obviously different from manufacturing the devices.  FORTUNE points out that some of them may be stored in inventory distribution centers, loading docks, and store shelves.  But Apple probably knows a thing or two about supply and demand.  They obviously wouldn’t be manufacturing at this fast of a pace if they aren’t expecting to sell that many.

All things considered, Apple’s stock is taking a beating.  When Apple announces their next line of new products, Jobs will have to work his reality distortion field once again.  And the media needs to stop bashing on his health.  I cannot believe someone posted fake reports about him having a heart attack this past week.  I’m glad that the SEC is investigating the matter.