Apple Took A Big Risk By Spending $150M On The Original iPhone

Posted Oct 5, 2013

The New York Times wrote an article about the origin of the iPhone.  One of the facts from the article is that a senior executive at Apple reports that over $150 million was likely spent to develop the original iPhone, which was a huge risk at the time.  Apple also assigned some of their top engineers on the iPhone project.

“Many top engineers in the company were being sucked into the project, forcing slowdowns in the timetables of other work,” stated The New York Times’ Fred Vogelstein in the article.  Development of the iPhone also caused a divide on the company because the top engineers were put on the project.  Many other engineers were envious as a result.

?Steve loved this stuff,? Andy Grignon, one of the hardware engineers that worked on the iPhone’s radio chip. ?He loved to set up division. But it was a big ?[expletive] you? to the people who couldn?t get in. Everyone knows who the rock stars are in a company, and when you start to see them all slowly get plucked out of your area and put in a big room behind glass doors that you don?t have access to, it feels bad.?