Apple Is Launching A Twitter #Music Station In iTunes Radio

Posted Jun 11, 2013

As part of a partnership with Twitter, Apple is going to launch a Twitter #Music station in iTunes Radio, according to The Verge.  The iTunes Radio station was announced at WWDC yesterday.  iTunes Radio is going to be integrated into the iOS 7 Music app also.  iTunes Radio will feature trending songs from Twitter’s music discovery and streaming service.

This is quite important for Twitter because the Twitter #Music service has been struggling to maintain any kind of momentum.  The app fell to #83 in the top free 100 music apps on the Apple App Store.  #Music has a very clean design, but not many people are using it.

The Twitter #Music app was announced back in April 2013.  The #Music app shows popular music, emerging talent, suggested content, and songs that are now #NowPlaying by people that you follow on Twitter.  Twitter #Music is based on the company’s acquisition of We Are Hunted.