Apple Wants $707 Million More From Samsung

Posted Sep 25, 2012

Even though a court in California ruled that Samsung must pay Apple $1 billion, Apple still wants more.  In a motion that was filed this past Friday, Apple requested Judge Lucy Koh to pay an additional $707 million in damages.  This would bring the amount close to $2 billion.  Apple filed a 43-page motion that requested a permanent sales ban on 26 Samsung smartphones and tablets.

Samsung wants the damages to be reduced and wants a new trial.  Samsung said that a “reasonable jury” would not have reach the decision that the jury in San Jose made.  Samsung said that a new trial should be held so that both companies have an ample amount of time to present their cases.  Koh had given each company 25 hours to convince the jury of their cases.  The two companies will be going before Judge Koh again on December 6th.

Since the jury ruled that Samsung committed willful infringement, there is a chance that Judge Koh could triple the damages that are owed to Apple.  The $707 million extra that Apple wants is based on Samsung’s willful infringement of its designs and utility patents.  Samsung added the iPhone 5 to an upcoming case between the two companies.

The new case will focus on more recent products and patents, but this trial will not be starting until March 2014.