Apple Welcomes Bob Iger and Names Art Levinson Chairman of The Board

Posted Nov 15, 2011

[Left: Art Levinson, Right: Bob Iger]
Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has announced today that they have named Art Levinson as the non-executive chairman of the board. He succeeds Steve Jobs, who had passed away last month after battling cancer for several years. Art joined the Apple board in 2000 and has been the longest serving co-lead director. Apple also added Disney CEO Bob Iger to the board of directors at the company. Iger is best known for overseeing the merger of Pixar and Disney.

Levinson was a close friend of Steve Jobs and has been an insider at the company for a long time. Having Iger on the board of directors at Apple will strengthen the bond that the company has with Disney as well. Disney has been an instrumental partner with Apple as they were the first partner to sign up for the Apple iTunes video downloading service. Other board members at Apple include Andrea Jung, Al Gore, Tim Cook, Bill Campbell, Millard Drexler, and Ron Sugar.