Apple Wins A Lawsuit Against Samsung In The Netherlands

Posted Nov 28, 2012

Apple has won a lawsuit against Samsung again, this time in the Netherlands.  Now some of Samsung’s older Galaxy tablets will be banned there.  A Dutch judge ruled that some of Samsung’s Galaxy tablets using certain versions of Android infringe an Apple patent that describes a way to navigate images in a photo gallery.

The judge in the lawsuit was Judge Peter Blok.  Last year, Samsung had fixed a feature on smartphones to get past a Dutch injunction.  This lawsuit focused on the tablets on the market that still infringe on the feature.  Apple recently settled a patent lawsuit with HTC earlier this month.

Samsung is still trying to get some sort of victory after a jury ruled in favor of Apple in a $1.05 billion decision.  Samsung will be required to pay Apple a penalty of 100,000 euros ($129,000) every day that they violate the ruling according to the Dutch court.  Samsung is also required to tell Apple how much profit they made from sales of the infringing Galaxy products since June 2011.