Apple Working On More Affordable Macs

Posted Apr 30, 2009

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is working on building more affordable Mac computers according to a source with AppleInsider.  Lowering the cost of Macs have become extremely important for the company in order to stay competitive in a market that is pushing for cheaper netbooks and laptops.  This is why Apple sold fewer Macs last quarter, but were still able to boost revenue by selling more iPod Touch and iPhone devices.

Microsoft has even stepped up their advertising to focus on ripping on Apple’s higher prices.  Microsoft’s advertisements are making Macs sound like overpriced PCs.

Given the rumor, I would not anticipate Apple to get in to the netbook market themselves solely based on the fact that Apple COO Tim Cook stated himself that netbooks don’t deserve the Apple brand.

The rumor focuses on the prices of the 13″ MacBook and the iMac.  New MacBook prices currently start at $999 and iMacs start at $1,199.