Apple Says They Are Not Working With Philippe Starck

Posted Apr 13, 2012

Philippe Starck is a famous French designer that created a design company focusing on inflatable objects. He became art director of the firm along with Pierre Cardin in 1969. Some of his recent projects included an optical mouse for Microsoft, several yachts, and the Virgin Galactic “spaceport” in New Mexico. In an interview with France Info Radio, Starck said that he and Apple ?have a big project together that will be out in eight months.? This project would be “revolutionary.” Apple denied that they are working with Starck in a statement to AllThingsD. So what could it be if it is not an Apple iTV?

Before Apple CEO Steve Jobs passed away, he worked with Starck on a yacht. This is most likely the “big project” that he may have been talking about. The yacht is being built by Feadship and is likely to feature a sleek design with 40 foot long glass walls. Starck refused to give any more details because of ?culte du secret religieux.? Steve Jobs’ involvement in having a yacht being built is confirmed in his biography. In Steve Jobs’ biography, it was written that Jobs was involved in the design of a 245-foot yacht being built. The systems in the yacht would be able to be controlled with an iPad or a similar device on top of that.

This does not appear to be directly tied to Apple the company, but more of a personal project by Steve Jobs started in 2009.