Apple’s Bob Mansfield Is Not Actually Retiring

Posted Aug 29, 2012

Apple has announced a few changes in their leadership.  Bob Mansfield (pictured above) announced back in June that he would be retiring, but he has changed his mind.  Now he will be working directly under Tim Cook to work on future products.

Craig Federighi and Dan Riccio has been promoted from vice presidents of their departments to SVPs.  Federighi is now the SVP of Mac Software Engineering where he will work on Apple’s operating system engineering teams like the Mac OS X team.  Aside from Apple, Federighi worked at NeXT and Ariba.

Riccio will be working on the Mac iPhone, and iPod engineering teams as the new SVP of the Hardware Engineering department.  Riccio joined Apple in 1998 as VP of Product Design.

Mansfield previously was the SVP of Hardware Engineering.  His new position title is not yet known.

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