Apple’s first third party retailer partner going out of business

Posted Mar 20, 2014

When Apple was a much smaller company, it depended on third party retailers to help sell its products. This was years before Apple set up their own retail stores. One of the first stores to sell Apple computers was in Minneapolis and was called Team Electronics. Team Electronics was renamed to FirstTech Computer.

FirstTech and Apple have been partners for 35 years now, but FirstTech is preparing to shut down. FirstTech is shutting down because of low margins in the PC market. FirstTech will be officially shutting down on March 29th. The owners announced that the store will be shutting down on March 29th.

FirstTech had to compete with an Apple retail store that was only a few blocks away. FirstTech bought the first batch of computers from Apple in the late 1970’s. Around that time, Apple was new to selling so the company did not have paperwork to give with the sale. FirstTech took an old contract of its own and scratched off the name.

[Source: Twin Cities]