Apple’s iCloud Service Rumored To Be A Total MobileMe Revamp

Posted Apr 29, 2011

Yesterday I wrote about how Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) purchased the domain name iCloud for roughly $4.5 million. There are now rumors floating around that Apple plans on using this domain name to promote a service with that name. That service would allow people to store music, bookmarks, e-mail, contacts, and iCal events. This means that Apple is revamping MobileMe entirely.

Either way we’ll be finding out in five weeks when Apple hosts the annual Worldwide Developers Conference. At the conference, Apple said that they plan to “unveil the future of iOS and Mac OS.” There are several reports that indicate Apple has finished building a music streaming product and signed on at least two major record labels to stream content to users.

Apple currently sells the MobileMe service for $99 per year for 20GB of cloud storage. Recently Apple made it difficult for people to sign up for new accounts, indicating that MobileMe is being ravamped.