Apple’s OS X Mavericks Has Finder Tags, Multiple Display Menus, and iBooks

Posted Jun 10, 2013

Apple has announced the new version of their OS X software called OS X Mavericks.  OS X Mavericks will have Finder tagging and support for multiple display menus.  Apple also updated Calendar and Maps for OS X Mavericks and added support for iBooks.

OS X Mavericks is the successor to Mountain Lion.  The name is unique because Apple’s most recent operating systems has been named after large cats Kodiak, Snow Leopard, and Mountain Lion.  Apple said that they shipped around 28 million copies of Mountain Lion since it was released.  Around 35% of their users installed Mountain Lion and its predecessor OS X Lion hit 26 million in the year prior.  Apple added features to OS X Mavericks that helps improve the battery life and responsiveness of their computers.

One of the best features added to OS X Mavericks is Finder tags.  You can quickly filter files and content by tagging them.  Tags can be added with different colors and files can be dragged into Finder folders with specific tags.  When saving a file, you can associate them with existing tags or create new ones on the fly.

OS X Mavericks has support for multiple displays.  Your work can be spread across multiple displays without messing up the workflow or organization of the displays.  The Apple TV can be used as an external display using AirPlay as well.

OS X Mavericks will come with a new version of the Safari browser and iCloud keychains.  The iCloud keychains will remember your usernames and passwords as you use different applications and services.

Notifications will be added on the desktop from e-mail, FaceTime, eBay, etc.  Replies can be made from the notification itself.  Mavericks updates apps in the background once you tell the computer to sleep.

The Calendar app on OS X Mavericks has been updated to show weather and a map built into the extended information bubble for locations.

The Maps app in OS X Mavericks has a 3D flyover with POIs, turn-by-turn directions, and the ability to push directions from your Mac to the iPhone.

iBooks, home to 1.8 million e-books, will sync between Mac computers and iOS.  This way you can sync your reading positions and read books that you have downloaded between multiple devices.

OS X Mavericks is available for developers today and it will be released later this fall for the general public.

On top of announcing OS X Mavericks today, Apple also announced that they have hit over 1 million daily visitors to their retail stores.  Apple CEO Tim Cook said that they have 407 stores in over 14 countries.

Mac Install Base

Apple said that the install base has hit 72 million machines.  This has grown 100% in the last five years.  This is huge because the PC market as a whole grew only 18% during the same period.

This article will be updated with screenshots soon.