Apportable has raised $5 million to help developers convert iOS games to Android

Posted Feb 5, 2014

Apportable is a startup that has raised $5 million in funding for driving the conversion of iOS games to Android. Apportable was founded by Collin Jackson and Ian Fischer out of Y Combinator in 2011. The company aims to help developers port their apps to multiple platforms without having to sacrifice quality. Apportable makes it possible to use the same code for iOS and Android.

Apportable has worked with several clients including Zynga, Booyah, Pocket Gems and Wooga. Wooga used Apportable for some of their popular games like Jelly Smash.

The company has a freemium pricing model which offers their basic services for free. The company then charges $1,000 to $15,000 per developer for licenses and premium features. Apportable now has a staff of over 50 people.

Apportable launched a platform in January called SpriteBuilder. SpriteBuilder is considered the first complete game development suite to rapidly build iOS and Android games using Objective C and Xcode. SpriteBuilder was built using open-source technology that was developed over several years.

SpriteBuilder has been downloaded by over 3,000 developers in under a month. The company also joined Stanford’s StartX fall class.┬áThis round of funding included Initialized Capital, Danhua Capital, Y Combinator, Paul Bucheit, Jerry Yang, and Alexis Ohanian.