Apps Being Submitted To Apple With Flattr Are Being Rejected

Posted May 29, 2012

Flattr is a social micro-payment web company that has been integrated into several apps. However those apps are being rejected when being sent to the Apple App Store. Apple rejects apps that integrates donation services because it violates the App Store terms and conditions regarding third-party payments. The problems started earlier this month when Apple rejected an update for the popular podcast manager app called Instacast. The rejection cites the app’s new integration with Flattr.

Flattr was designed for in-app monetary support for content creators that would not normally receive funding like podcasters and video makers. Users are able to allocate a specified amount of money to a pool at the start of each month. When they see a Flattr button on a website or app, they can click to donate. Flattr counts the number of clicks at the end of the month and disperses the pooled money evenly.

When somebody finished watching a podcast episode on Instacast, a Flattr button would appear for a user to donate money. According to the App Store guideline 21.2: The collection of donations must be done via a web site in Safari or an SMS. Apple wrote a note to Flattr saying, ?we understand that directing your user outside your app may not be the user experience you prefer to offer your users. However it is a common experience in a variety of iOS apps.?