Now Has An AdSense-Like Service For Mobile Publishers

Posted Jan 19, 2012 has launched a new service, which is considered an “AdSense for apps.” This is great news for iOS or Android application developers that are looking to monetize mobile web content. Publishers can embed ad units in their mobile websites, which will automatically display ads for native applications that are relevant to the text appearing on page. For example, if a publisher is writing about football, then users will most likely see an ad for the ESPN app.

The publishers get paid on an eCPM, CPS, or CPI basis. This is the first advertising solution for mobile websites. There are already similar existing solutions for native mobile applications.

Some of’s launching partners include The Next Web, Topix, and WPtouch. Currently is seeing about 300 million monthly mobile pageviews across their entire network right now. They’re projecting about 1 billion by the end of Q1 2012.