Appurify Raises $4.5 Million From Google, Foundation, Felicis, Data Collective, Webb Investment, And Others

Posted May 29, 2013

Appurify has raised $4.5 million in Series A funding led by Google Ventures, Foundation Capital, Data Collective, Felicis Ventures, Webb Investment Network, Jay Jamison, Pavan Nigam, David Auerbach, and Raymond Tonsing.  Appurify has raised a total of $6.25 million in funding including their seed round.  Appurify offers a testing platform for mobile applications.

The company helps developers deal with debugging and testing issues for their mobile apps. Appurify’s platform can be used on iOS and Android devices in the cloud.  Appurify plans to go in public beta later this year.

?Mobile application development is broken today,? stated Appurify CTO and co-founder Manish Lachwani. ?Developers need to cater to a fragmented OS market, a constantly growing array of devices, and consumers who expect apps to perform perfectly in a variety of device conditions (for example, spotty networks, any location, low memory situations due to apps running in the background). Current mobile development tools do not address this complexity. As a result, developers are forced to manually test their apps, which is a slow, cumbersome and an incomplete process that fails to create reproducible bugs or test real user conditions. Appurify solves this problem by offering an unmatched mobile automation platform that hooks directly into the development process. We short circuit the development-test gap and provide real time feedback during app development.?

Appurify’s cloud allows developers to debug and test based on real-world conditions including the carrier, network technology, signal strength, geographic location, orientation, etc.  Developers can receive reports with actionable data necessary to fix bugs and crashes.  The Appurify SDK allows manual interaction with apps to be converted to automated test cases so that companies can build out automation test libraries.