aQuantive Co-Founder Scott Lipsky Launches New Startup Called PhotoRocket

Posted Aug 13, 2009

Its been about two years since Microsoft Corporation bought out aQuantive for $6 billion.  And now the aQuantive co-founder Scott Lipsky is on the verge of launching a new company.  Lipsky’s new company is called PhotoRocket.

“While still in stealth mode, I can tell you this,” Lipsky wrote in an email. “PhotoRocket is a new concept in the digital photography space that will turn photo sharing sideways and that will solve many of the most common problems and most painful  aspects of sharing.”

This is the second photography-related company Lipsky has become involved in.  Around 2003, Lipsky co-founded a company called GalleryPlayer.  GalleryPlayer developed software that enhanced the way that high resolution images were displayed on flat panel TVs.

PhotoRocket may be a competitor of Photobucket and Flickr.  Before Lipsky launched Avenue A (previous name of aQuantive), he was the CTO of Baners & Noble.  After B&N, Lipsky became a VP of Business Expansion at

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