Arbitron Acquires Mobile Research Company Zokem For About $24 Million

Posted Aug 1, 2011

Mobile research company Zokem started about 4 years ago. The company was recently acquired for $11.7 million with a potential payout of an additional $12 million by Arbitron Inc. (NYSE:ARB) through 2014. Arbitron is a consumer research company.

Zokem had an SDK that allows developers to plug-in their smartphone and gather anonymous data like location, signal strength, and usage patterns of iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry applications. Zokem raised about $2 million in funding before their acquisition from VCs firms across Europe.

Before this acquisition Arbitron primarily focused on collecting listener data for radio stations and selling the data to ad companies, broadcasters, etc. Zokem will be renamed to Arbitron Mobile. Zokem CEO Dr. Hannu Verkasalo will be the lead of the mobile division. Zokem currently has 14 employees.