ARE YOU READY TO ROCK… While Playing Guitar Hero 5 This September?

Posted Aug 11, 2009

On September 1, Activision Blizzard is releasing Guitar Hero 5.  About eight days later The Beatles: Rock Band will be released.  There is going to be some intense rivalry because Guitar Hero 5, there will be some solid cameos such as Carlos Santana.  But The Beatles: Rock Band will be the first game to ever feature any Beatles’ songs.

Considering that Guitar Hero is hitting its 5th release, this is a major milestone.  And The Rock Band franchise… not too shabby either.  Guitar Hero 5 will have 85 new songs by 83 artists.  There is also a “Party Play” mode where players can jump in and out of different songs with a single button. Guitar Hero 5 will also allow more than one person to play the guitar at the same time instead of four different instruments.

In the previous games, users could pay to download additional songs.  Most of those songs could be ported over to GH:5 too.  About 152 of the 158 additional songs from the last game are available in the new game too.  However there will be an “nominal re-licensing fee” for adding previously downloaded songs into the new game.

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