Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini Pays For Arijit Guha’s Cancer Bill After Tweets Were Sent To Him

Posted Aug 3, 2012

Arijit Guha is a doctoral student at Arizona State University. When he was suffering with Stage 4 colon cancer, he had tweeted the CEO of Aetna Mark Bertolini for help because he had ran out of insurance money. Many other on people on Twitter chimed in to support Guha (@Poop_Strong). Twitter user @ItsLerema said “My bud @poopstrong, a PhD student w Stage 4, was shamefully kicked off his insurance, @Aetna. Btw congrats on the $10.6M CEO salary @mtbert!”

This got Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini to respond. Arijit was on a $400 per month health insurance plan with a cap of $300,000 for his lifetime. Once he found out that he had colon cancer, the bills surpassed that cap.

Eventually it got to the point where he spent the whole day on the phone with Aetna and now the company is covering “every penny” of his medical bills. Today Guha’s colon cancer is in remission and he is working with Aetna to pay off his bills. Below is a Storify about the whole thing: