ARM CEO Warren East Not Worried About Intel’s Smartphone Chips

Posted Jan 12, 2012

Arm Holdings plc CEO Warren East was interview at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas about competition with Intel. Intel has started getting into the low-power processor market to provide chips for smartphones and tablets. East said that ARM is not worried about the competition.

“It’s inevitable Intel will get a few smartphone design wins — we regard Intel as a serious competitor,” stated East at CES in Las Vegas. “Are they ever going to be the leaders in power efficiency? No, of course not. But they have a lot more to offer.”

“They (Intel) have taken some designs that were never meant for mobile phones and they’ve literally wrenched those designs and put them into a power-performance space which is roughly good enough for mobile phones,” he added.

Intel will be providing their new “Medfield” chips for phones manufactured by Lenovo and Motorola Mobility running on Android going forward. ARM currently licenses their designs to 275 chip maker companies, software companies, and hardware companies. They control the majority of the mobile market, but Intel’s entrance into the market is not being ignored either.

ARM has some exciting things in their pipeline. ARM’s new Cortex A7 design will have the same performance as chips in smartphones of only a few years ago, but has 20% of the power consumption. ARM will also be powering tablets that run on the Windows 8 operating system.